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circle-of-care chemical free water treatment


The Eco Friendly 90 day Water-care System

AquaSafe Circle of Care offers natural, safe, chemical free products to maintain clear and fresh water for hot tubs and swimming pools in an easy 7 step, 90 day system.

1 AquaSafe90 Water Care Pack
2 AquaSafe Crossover Cleanser
3 AquaSafe Pre-Filter
4 AquaSafe Natural Spa Clarifier
5 AquaSafe Ultimate Scale defence
6 AquaSafe Hydro Jet Brush
7 AquaSafe Aqua Filter Cleaner

After 90 days just start the process again!


chemical free water treatmentWater control – made simple!

AquaSafe offer a number of natural, chemical free, green and safe products & accessories for spa water treatment, helping to maintain clear and fresh spas, swimming pools and hot tubs, using no chemicals.

Chemical Free Water Treatment

Based in Bristol, UK – AquaSafe are introducing revolutionary, sustainable new approaches to purifying and testing spas and pools that gives you the clearest, cleanest, natural, water imaginable. AquaSafe products are eco-friendly, easy to use and created for people who are sensitive to chemicals.

AquaSafe Products

The AquaSafe90 hot tub water care formula uses natural seaweed enzymes to treat your water, keeping a clean, fresh and chlorine free, healthy spa. The seaweed enzyme formula in AquaSafe90 breaks down bacteria and viruses, dissolving them away…

…The Natural Way

“This is everything promised. The water is always completely clear. No testing and no chemicals. Great!” Dick and Lynn K.